Worksops mit Anete Blaua

8.4. ab 12:30

 Save the Date: Workshop Day mit Anete Blaua - Buchung per Mail an


Achtung geänderte Uhrzeiten!


12:30- 14:00 - Power Pole - Beginners Level (1.5 HOURS) Ausgebucht! Schreib mir eine Mail für die Warteliste!


14:15 - 15:45 Low Flow - All levels  (1.5 HOURS) Noch freie Plätze


16:00- 17:30 Pole Heels - All Levels (1.5 Hours) Noch freie Plätze


Workshop Beschreibungen sind weiter unten im Text :)


Kosten pro Workshop:

für interne Schüler: 70 € - für externe Schüler: 75 €


Kosten pro Workshop bei der Buchung von zwei Workshops:

für interne Schüler: 65 € - für externe Schüler: 70 €


Kosten pro Workshop bei der Buchung von drei Workshops:

für interne Schüler 60€- für externe Schüler 65€


Anzahlung: Damit du dir deinen Platz sichern kannst, ist eine sofortige Anzahlung von 25€ pro Workshop fällig. Der restliche Betrag ist bis zum 28. Februar 2023 fällig. Sollte die Gesamtzahlung nicht bis zu diesem Termin eingegangen sein, wird dein Platz anderweitig vergeben und deine Buchung erlischt. Die Anzahlung wird in diesem Fall als Bearbeitungs- und Stornogebühr einbehalten.

Die Bezahlung des Restbetrages erfolgt dann via Überweisung.

Die Teilnahmegebühr kann auch im Studio (für Mitglieder) in Form von Bargeld entrichtet werden.


Power Pole Beginners Static Pole 90 min

We will work on a static Pole. I will teach the basics of how to create Powerful Spins, we will understand where does the dynamic come from and how to apply it on basic type of moves.

Since rotations help our dynamic and the other way around we will work with it as well. Through basics type of moves. Different type of techniques.

Inverts or one hand spins are not required for this class. If students can do that I will adjust the appropriate Level moves. But anyone can attend. Complete breakdown all through the class.


Low Flow Static Pole 90 min.

This class is combined with Spins, Balance moves and transitions that help you travel from one move to the next. In this class we will twirl around the pole in many different ways using the floor as our support. This class can be All Levels.


Pole Heels Choreography Static Pole 90 min.

Beginner to advanced Level, or a choreography to All Levels.

We will learn how to flow through the choreography from one move the next.

Choreos can be faster or slower. It depends on the level of students.

Detailed explanation all the way through this class. Step by step breakdown and alternatives will be provided.



Alle Workshops sind in English!


Mitzubringen: kurze Hose, lange Hose, Sport Top, Knieschoner & Socks, Handtuch, Wasser, kleiner Snack & Mittagssnack


Veranstaltungsadresse: Tanzschule Poledance Reutlingen Uhlandstr. 60, 72793 Pfullingen

Absage: Bei einer Absage bis zum 12. Februar 2023 (23:59 Uhr) werden 70% der gezahlten Summe zurückerstattet. Die Anzahlung wird in diesem Fall als Bearbeitungs- und Stornogebühr einbehalten. Solltest du nach der Frist den Workshop noch absagen wollen oder am Veranstaltungstag verhindert sein, besteht die Möglichkeit den Workshop-Platz an Personen auf der Warteliste zu vermitteln, sofern eine besteht. Dies muss über Poledance Reutlingen erfolgen! Eine eigenständige Weitervergabe kann nur in vorheriger Abstimmung mit Poledance Reutlingen erfolgen. Sofern der Platz nicht wahrgenommen wird und verfällt, ist keine Rückerstattung möglich.


Workshop-Bedingungen: Video- und Fotoaufnahmen sind prinzipiell nicht gestattet. Der Workshop-Geber muss dazu sein Einverständnis geben.


Der Kursraum wird jeweils 15 Minuten vor Workshop-Beginn geöffnet. Sei bitte 10-15 Minuten vor Workshop-Beginn vor Ort. Somit hast du auch noch genug Zeit, um dich umzuziehen.


Pre and postnatal Kurs

22.04.23 & 23.04.23

The XPERT Pre & Post Natal Training for Pole & Aerial is the latest training to be added to our curriculum. This training provides not only an in-depth look into the changes and adaptations that occur during pregnancy and the postpartum period, but also gives an invaluable training aid in the form of the manual to assist you in safely delivering appropriate training adaptations and advice for years to come.

This training covers all the anatomy and physiology foundations of a tradition pre and post natal training course, with the additions of exercises, considerations and adaptations suitable for pole and aerial fitness. It will give the learner an insight into common conditions their pregnant students may encounter, knowledge regarding minor and major contraindications to training so that the learner can advise their clients appropriately and safely, basic training guidelines for the different trimesters and finally, many core awakening and strengthening exercises to be taught in the post natal period to assist in the recovery from a variety of births and conditions including diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction. These exercises are not only helpful during the postnatal period, but also in the years post delivery within regular pole and aerial classes. It is never too late for someone to properly rehabilitate after pregnancy, and the knowledge gained from this course can help learners to better help their whole client base to learn to control their deep core muscles, assist with incontinence issues, boost confidence in inversions and more.

Accredited by: Active IQ, CIMSPA

You must have a minimum of 1 year pole or aerial fitness experience; this training does have a practical and a written exam. To pass the course you must attend the whole training and pass BOTH elements of the training. You also must be able to confidently perform each move within the manual. You do not have to have a group exercise certificate to do our training, however, to gain CEC’s with our accrediting companies you need to be a member.

Upon registering for the training, you will receive access to your online Anatomy and Physiology pre learning which will include a quiz.

Course covers:

  • Extensive Anatomy & Physiology content regarding the physical, hormonal and emotional changes that occur during pregnancy and after
  • Training Guidelines for the 4 Trimesters (the 4th trimester is early postpartum)
  • In-depth core training exercises
  • Ideas and designs to assist you in planning your own pre & postnatal classes or inclusion within main stream classes
  • Additional information and training guidance regarding breastfeeding, c-section recovery and prolapse
  • Plus much more
  • This training is available in English

Once you have passed your training, you can gain access to your XPERT badge, online certificate and your XPERT discounts, be able to apply for insurance with any of our insurance partners and proudly place your logo on your social media accounts or website, plus benefits including discount with XPOLE, Pole Safe Federation and many more.